Din Tai Fung at Westfield Sydney

Dumpling-makers on display

Dumpling-makers on display

It’s always a pleasure to have lunch with L. For our slightly-better-than-quarterly meet up, I suggested the newly opened Din Tai Fung at the Westfield in Pitt Street Mall. We’d come here a couple of lunches prior, to try out Justin North’s Charlie and Co Burgers. Since that visit a few months ago, the Westfield Level 5 “food court” has nearly completely opened, with an assortment of fine establishments popping up. “Food court” hardly does it justice; it’s the best looking and most luxurious, uhm, court that serves food that I’ve ever been in.

Unlike the Taiwanese franchise’s flagship restaurant at World Square, we need not worry about queuing up for a table. There’s a line to order but once placed, turnaround is swift. Not after anything too heavy, we go with the favourites, Xiao Long Bao and Beef Brisket Noodle Soup.

Tasty tasty dumpling

Despite my hesitation, we go with some Pork Buns, which I’m advised isn’t really too gweilo.

The food is as yummy as ever. The Westfield Food Court (or “heaven”, as L referred to it) is a great place for quick or even leisurely lunch during work, or hopefully, during shopping.

The word? You can now get your tried and true Xiao Long Bao dumpling fix in the CBD, without having to to queue for ages. The catch? Open only during food court hours.

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Din Tai Fung
Westfield Sydney
Pitt Street Mall
Sydney NSW 2000

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