Spanish Terrazas, Sydney

Paella Tradicional $54.50

Paella Tradicional $54.50
To celebrate a career milestone, we helped K celebrate this week by having a team lunch at Spanish Terrazas, at Sydney’s own tiny little Spanish Quarter, which is concentrated at the intersection of Liverpool and Kent Streets.

M was kind enough to organise the Tapas Menu ($46.50 pp) for us, which we were assured consisted of their most popular dishes. It consisted of Garlic Prawns, Russian Salad, Garlic Mushrooms, Meat Balls, Fried Calamari, BBQ Spanish Chorizo, Potatoes Aioli, and Chicken Terrazas. Bread and green salad got us started and a couple of jugs of Sangria got us into a festive spirit.

It was a good helping of food. Such a good helping that the additional orders of Seafood Paella that came at the end nearly weren’t consumed.

The sangria was probably the most watered down I’ve ever had but thankfully, one of our wine-loving bosses had some good Tempranillo going around.

What’s more Spanish than Chorizo? (Not imprudent fiscal policy, these guys charged an arm and a leg, especially for a lunch time crowd.)

BBQ Spanish Chorizo

A Spanish meal is not complete without Churros, traditional Spanish pastries, served with hot chocolate sauce.

Churros $11.50

All things considered, it was a generous and hearty feed made even more enjoyable by good company. Generally, it’s difficult to do bad tapas (or tay-pass as Moss calls it); even mediocre tapas is usually quite acceptable. In this case, the basics was deftly executed: no fancy stuff, just the favourites done well.

The word? Standard tapas priced at the (expensive) going rate for tapas. For what was paid though, I would have expected something a little more unique. Lunch time is absolutely dead but I can imagine this place being totally rockin’ on the weekend, garish decor notwithstanding.

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Spanish Terrazas
541 Kent Street Sydney, NSW 2000
p: 02 9283 3046 Fax: 02 9283 2450

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    • It was good. A little dough-y inside instead of fluffy but the serving was generous.
      Actually, some right now for breakfast would be great!

  1. Thanks for your thoughts J.B José. Overall it looks like you had a good time with your group. we will be taking some of your thoughts into consideration, such as the sangria. your photos are fantastic ! would it be possible to use some? with your watermark of course!

    we are actually starting a new promotion on mondays and tuesdays
    all you can eat tapas for $29 ! so if you felt that things were too expensive, this promotion should settle that :)

    if you ever feel like coming back again, write me an email and we will organise something nice for your effort on your blog.

    Great blog you have here,
    Good luck



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