Shortgrain, Surry Hills

8-10 Hunt Street

8-10 Hunt Street
I’ve been keen to check out Shortgrain since Longgrain had completed its renovations. The latter being an all-time favourite, the idea of a Canteen-style spinoff is intriguing.

Alas, like most canteens, it’s only open during lunch hours (11am to 3pm Mondays to Fridays) and also much too far to travel to and fro from Martin Place on a workday.

Thankfully, the recent August bank holiday gave me the day off from work. The downside? No playmates… everyone else was at work!

Undaunted, I headed on over for a meal (and also to check out the nearby Herringbone outlet!). I’m by myself but mobile phones provide a much more thorough safety blanket than they used to: no longer do you need to find someone to text or call to show others (and maybe yourself) that, yes, you may be alone but you are wanted and someone wants to speak to you. These days, smartphones let every nigel preoccupy themselves from their loneliness. There will always be someone on facebook who cares about my latest check-in, right?!

The venue is small. I imagine it’s mostly a takeaway place for the nearby offices but there are a couple of small tables to the side of the ordering counter and one large shared table, surrounded by high stools. I placed my order and paid at the counter and proceeded to find a seat at the shared table… where I spy, another nigel! (Will she too know, like Millhouse, and now I, what it feels like when doves cry?)

I have the crispy and juicy Free Range Fried Chicken with Green Curry. The cup of green curry had a good kick as a dipping sauce or, as I ate it, mixed through the rice.

Free Range Fried Chicken with Green Curry $17

The word? Shame about the opening hours; it’s only really aimed at locals. Price-wise, it’d make a great Friday lunch treat. Otherwise excellent lunch time fare with that Longgrain touch.

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Shortgrain Canteen & Shop
8-10 Hunt Street Surry Hills
(Opposite the Hollywood Hotel)
Ph/9280 2888

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