Sydney Food Bloggers Picnic 2012, Centennial Park

The Spread

I attended my very first food blogger event, arranged by the bubbly ChocolateSuze and the lovely Helen of GrabYourFork, last Saturday at Centennial Park. Though dark clouds hovered ominously in the sky, the rain kept at bay and the Sydney Food Bloggers Picnic commenced. As more and more bloggers arrived, food in tow, the spread grew larger and larger.

This is how food bloggers roll:

The Spread

Note that only one of the two paella pans is in the picture.

There was a large and colourful arrangement of savoury and sweet dishes that transformed this tiny patch of Centennial Park into a Garden of Unearthly Delights. Exaggeration? Sure, but my famished belly made my mouth water. I headed straight for the meat.

Beef and Fetta (?)

Aniseed Pork

Alas, the arabic sweets was the last I could take a snap of…
Arabic sweets

…before the guise of “blogging” gave way to eating and socialising.

To facilitate this socialising, Simon of Simon Food Favourites kept us well oiled with his pop up bar, well-stocked with Hendrick’s and Marker’s Mark. Oh my.

Simon Food Favourites Pop Up Bar

Lots of photo opportunities presented themselves but these were better taken by better photographers than I. Our fine mixologist had swiftly put up his great post of the day; as did one of our fine hosts, ChocolateSuze.

A fine afternoon must certainly had been had by all. It was great speaking to all the bloggers. In no particular order: Tina of Food, Booze and Shoes (and discovering our mutual employer! *spin out*), Chanel of Cats Love Cooking, Suze of ChocolateSuze, Helen of Grab Your Fork, Simon of Simon Food Favourites, Maryanne of Dressed and Eaten, Paul and Joseph of Up for a Feed, Annie of The Random Foodie, Alex and Sam of Dumpling Girl and Cheesecake Boy, Melanie of The Adventures of Miss Piggy, Raff of Ramen Raff, Jennifer of 84th and 3rd, Dee of Food in Hand and Michelle of M(i)s Ch(i)ef. Alas, there was just not enough time to have the pleasure of meeting the other bloggers.

Regardless, I now have a list of all your blogs and look forward to reading your posts!

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    • Hahaha! I literally just had a small chicken wrap for dinner. Did you bring the yummy chicken wrap to the picnic?

    • Thanks. As you said on your post, there was just so much food to try and so many people to meet. I like your blog!

  1. Wow think I should belatedly join the love-fest. Didn’t realise you managed to take shots in between eating and drinking (although I saw you do neither). Good to meet everyone in 3D :)

    • I took photos and tried most of the savoury dishes. I would not have had anything from the excellent bar without any sustenance!

      Great meeting you, Dee!


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