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Last week, V and I dropped into Wilbur’s Place, partly because of Dee’s mouth-watering photos and partly because we couldn’t be arsed cooking that night. We took the short stroll over to Llankelly Place; westward along Darlinghurst Road, just past the strip joints but the last turn before the road bends into the more genteel Macleay Street.

Prior to its recent rejuvenation (likely driven by the new nearby strata buildings), Llankelly Place was a dark, seedy street, frequented only by the backpackers heading back to their hostels or to their soon-to-be-abandoned camper vans on Victoria Street. It looked pretty dodgy – my self-preservation had automatically classified it under “avoid – rape alley”.

These days, it’s the newest part of Kings Cross to be cleaned up, renovated and rebranded. It’s also the location of Bourke Street Bakery-affiliated local eatery, Wilbur’s Place. Their aim is to produce an affordable menu comprised of “simple, healthy, rustic food using local produce” for locals. Though the outstanding food is just that, locals and visitors alike will have to queue and wait to get a seat at this small establishment.

It appears my only worry when coming to Llankelly Place these days, is missing a table.

Thankfully, we arrived at an early 6:15pm and was promptly seated.

We started with the Cheese and Pork Arancini, served with chilli mayo and plum chutney. I’d never had an arancini like this before: the outer shell was so crispy it was nearly hard. Not inedibly so but it was certainly the crunchiest arancini I’d ever had.

Cheese and Pork Arancini $15
The cheesy, porky rice inside was delicious, especially so with the mayo, the plum sauce or both mixed together.
Cheese and Pork Arancini - interior

For mains, I had the Twice Cooked Half Spatchcock, which was tender juicy. It is complemented by a chickpea salad, labna and capsicum jam.

Twice Cooked Half Spatchcock $18

V had the Steamed Trout, served with big cous cous, roast cherry tomatoes, rosemary & garlic aioli. I had total food envy; the perfectly cooked fish, fluffy cous cous and aioli was a rich and textured combination.

Steamed Trout $19

For sides, we had some hearty lentils and green beans.

Service was also excellent. Friendly Matthew didn’t miss a beat making sure we were well fed.

Updated: 11/02/2012
Met up with my bro for lunch today. Tried the the Beef Brisket. Delicious. You get two slices of reasonable width, delicious sour dough bread and white beans, all swimming in the beef brisket jus. Incredible value for money. Love this place.
Beef Brisket, Sourdough Bread and White Beans $14
End Update

The word? Would I come back? Absolutely. Places that serve meals this cheap and this good are few and far between. Get there early to avoid waits as you can’t call and book (but you can wait at nearby LL Wine & Dine). The menu changes regularly too and is apparently different for lunch and dinner. A lunch time visit soon is in the cards.

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    • Totally agree re: the sides. Even salads (not the plain ones) and chips can just barely be considered exceptions.

  1. I love spatchcock, and the prices are so reasonable. Must get around to eating here soon, but I’m going to try and get around to dessert too :)

  2. *squeee* I got a mention, haha! The food looks really good, I love how the dinner menu feels a bit more bistro, reading everyone’s fantastic experiences really makes me want to go back soon and give it another go.

    • Haha! Where’s my mention?! 😉

      Yeah, go back and try dinner. Would love to see more pics! I might have lunch there today actually…


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