The Forresters, Surry Hills


Had a nice Sunday catchup a couple of weekends ago at the newly renovated Forresters.

Gone are the days of the humble (yet delicious) $5 steaks – the Forresters latest iteration is at the hands of the capable folks behind the Norfolk, Abercrombie, Flinders and Carrington. This time around, it’s been transformed into an Italian restaurant/pizzeria/rotisserie (or perhaps a kitsch version of one, judging by the menu and decor of the sit-down area).

G got a bowl of the Polenta Chips. They were cooked well but the crisp outer shell was too salty, the interior, too bland. I’ll give these a miss next time.

Polenta Chips $8

G got the Sunday special, Spit Pig. He said it was excellent, especially for the price.

Spit Pig $15 (or $18 with local beer)

I had the Wagyu Cheesburger, served with zucchini, peppers, mozzarella and tomato jam. Even though the patty was a little salty, I really enjoyed this burger.

Wagyu Cheeseburger $19

I’m definitely keen to come back and try some of the other dishes, notably the Balsamic Ribs.

With regards to the venue itself, it wasn’t without teething problems. This Sunday was the Forrester’s first weekend since opening and you could still smell the fresh paint. On this particular day, while the sun’s welcome appearance gave glorious summer warmth, by 6pm it had turned cold, windy and rainy, nay, stormy. It was bucketing. The floor of the area with the translucent corrugated roof had puddles of water where there shouldn’t have been. Parts of the roof were dripping or leaking. Thankfully, we were fed by this stage and were calling it a day.

I’m sure these issues will be resolved by the time our next visit rolls along… or at least, they should be; it was very apparent that no one would stick around inside if it rained.

Rain made N cry (more)

The word? Great venue for a catchup at the bistro or a sit down meal at the restaurant. Initial sample of food was positive and there’s enough variety to require a subsequent visit. Regardless of the food, it’s a good backdrop for a drink or 3.

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