La Macelleria, Bondi Beach

Shop front

Superlatives, sparingly used, make for the most compelling recommendations. In Dee’s case, stunning pictures and double entendres were all that were necessary for me to visit La Macelleria.

Emerging from two consecutive boozy nights, V and I were very much looking forward to the lauded foot-long sausage rolls at this botique Bondi butcher/deli/rotisserie. A good greasy sausage roll comforts the sore head and hungry belly… but the supposed best sausage roll? Who knows. V was happy to help me sample this allegedly superlative delight.

Shop front

Like a single-minded T1000 sent back to the past, we entered the shop and located our target. Before terminating, I scan the area for immediate threats. The rotisserie chicken, dry-aged T-bones and various cured meats appeared formidable but were targets for a subsequent visit. We were here for the sausage rolls.



The man getting served before us, however, ordered a Warm Pork Roast Panini with Mustard Fruits, Hot Mustard and Rocket Pesto, and the sight of the generous amount of pork within could not be turned down. Thankfully, it tastes as good as it looks: the tangy mustard and sweet jam complimented the meaty pork and crackly skin. The only minor downside is that it could have used a touch less pesto but it was otherwise excellent.

Pork Roll Panini $9.90

But back to the mission: the glistening foot-long Pork Sausage Rolls. Size-wise, they didn’t have the girth I had envisioned proportionate to a 12-incher. The pastry was also loose, like it was some kind of over-sized protective sheath for the meat within. Bad choice of words aside, it was delicious and worthy of the praise of best sausage roll. It wasn’t quite a sausage roll, the pork meat was firmer (look, there’s no I way I can describe this now without sounding gross) than most sausage rolls and the spicy filling (argh!) was very unique. It’s a different idea of a sausage roll, perhaps the original, but it’s far removed from the minced meat filling of conventional sausage rolls.

Pork Sausage Roll $9.90

The word? Amazing sausage rolls that were nearly trumped by a delicious, value-for-money pork roast panini. Great place to grab cooked food to take to the beach or the grass. The gourmet meats and dry-aged steaks also make for a great treat.

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  1. Mmm yum! Another good morning read which gives me another reason to go back to Sydney! Now why didn’t we see that while we were at Bondi Beach?

  2. OMG! You went :O I feel super chuffed and I’m so pleased you liked it. It’s a very upmarket roll and totally loving the Terminator reference and I laughed out loud at my desk over your girth/spice/meat descriptors hehe.


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