Verandah Bar, Sydney

Wagyu Beef Burger $10

The bovine call of the wagyu burger has beckoned me to many an establishment.

This time around, I caught up with Ramen Raff at Verandah Bar to try their Thursday Special: the $10 Wagyu Beef Burger. It incites disbelief… ten bucks for a wagyu burger?! It had to be seen to be believed.

Wagyu Beef Burger $10

Alas, the Burger Gods are playfully wicked. This particular wagyu burger did not live up to its name. Firstly, the bun was cold and dry. A few seconds over the grill to toast it would have improved this dish exponentially. Secondly, the patty itself was over-cooked; all its wagyu-goodness was indiscernible.

I’m reminded of another night at Verandah in 2006. Poet and musician, Saul Williams, walked in here looking for a feed before his gig that night at Becks Bar. Having this burger, I thought, “Yeah, I wish I were like Saul Williams.” Saul is a vegan and if I recall correctly, chose to dine elsewhere.

Bad cheap burger aside, it was excellent catching up with Raff at this great balcony on a sunny lunch hour. A couple of beers would not have gone awry. Perhaps next time.


The word? They have $10 lunch deals everyday of the week and it gets really busy. Despite the great price, I won’t be having the burger again. Still, $10 is cheap enough to require a subsequent visit.

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  1. You know it doesn’t have to be 100% Wagyu cattle to call it that way, right? That’s why everybody has Wagyu something these days.


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