Supanova 2012


Supanova is celebrating its tenth year anniversary this year and has brought along a slew of convention personalities.

First day – The Dome at Sydney Olympic Park was packed!

Of course, my interest is primarily in the comic book guests, which included (but was not limited to) Tony Moore, Jim Cheung (who earlier this week was at life drawing at the Arthouse Hotel), David Mack and Nicola Scott, who were all at the very busy Kings Comics booth. Tucked away in the “Artists’ Alley” was David Yardin, who as an Aussie artist who trained with Filipino artist, Whilce Portracio, I was really keen on chatting to him. Unfortunately, as I got to his table on Saturday morning, he appeared to be packing up and was in a none to congenial mood.

Nicola Scott was all smiles with her favourite characters

The funnest part of every convention are the cosplayers; the amount of effort they put into their costumes and their enthusiasm on the day really gives the entire affair a festive vibe.

Here are some of my highlights.


  1. Awesome pictures. I’m the Octavius with Spidey and Co. It was a great weekend. Got to meet Jim Cheung which was great, unfortunately I forgot the things I’d wanted him to sign (namely Young Avengers) but got a print and a comic for him to sign, though that meant I didn’t have the money to have anything for David Mack to sign which was a bit annoying. Should have gotten to them before I spent all my money elsewhere.

    • Thanks. I liked your entire group’s outfits and thought you had a great take on the character.

      And yeah, Jim was really friendly. I saw him at the Arthouse Hotel last Monday doing life drawing with other artists. Cool guy!


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