Manmaruya, Campsie

Aburi Sushi $19.80 (for 10pcs)

So V and some of her friends went to a ramen joint last night that got me drooling with envy when she told me. She was kind enough to go with me again tonight.

Campsie did not strike me as being abundant in Japanese restaurants but there were three in line of sight of the train station with a several Korean restaurants in between. Perhaps it’s the spillover from Strathfield but I’m loving this diversity – just as I’m loving Manmaruya.

One of three branches, this chain would be doing gangbusters if the others were half as busy as the Campsie one. Though we were promptly seated, there was nary an empty table while we ate.


V wanted me to try the Camembert Cheese Tempura in a cream sauce. Fluffy battered balls of cream smothered in cream. It’s sinful goodness.

Camembert Cheese Tempura $6.80

V has the Karaage Chicken Tempura. It’s a massive serve of noodles and the chicken is sufficiently KFC-like, my favourite kind of karaage.

Karaage Chicken Tempura $13.80

I go to town and have the Aburi Sushi, lightly seared sushi glazed with teriyaki sauce. So good, especially the scallops.

Aburi Sushi $19.80 (for 10pcs)

For an extra $5, I could up-size my meal and get a Mini Ramen with my sushi. While very reasonably priced, this was very much the wrong thing to do – I was stuffed!

Mini Ramen $5 extra with selected dishes

Service was friendly and swift when you got their attention but if you didn’t, you might have to wait awhile. The staff appeared to be constantly rushed.


The word? Great ramen but even greater sushi. I’ll be back for sure.

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