Tourist in My Own City: Bare Island


V and I slept in after a boozy BBQ at Gonz’s last night but we weren’t about to spend the day indoors. It was too gorgeous outside to let the last fleeting days of this late summer go to waste.

We decided to do a tour of Bare Island, an old fort built in the late 19th century to protect Sydney from Russians (!?). Never actually used in battle, the well-maintained fort is an interesting example of a young colony charged with its own defence.

They do great tours for a mere $10 per person.

Bare Island is also well-known as a great spot of diving and snorkelling, which is what brought it to our attention.

Neglected to bring the DSLR around again. iPhone to the rescue!

The word? Something different on a beautiful sunny day. Also the site of Mission Impossible 2’s final fight scene starring Tom Cruise against Dougray Scott.

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