Brekky Run to Wiseman’s Ferry


I’m really getting into riding at the moment.

In the last week alone, I went on two group rides and one solo ride. I could have done another two group rides but I think my girlfriend would have filed a Missing Persons report!

Last Saturday was a particularly long one… Meeting up at Eastern Creek, heading to Windsor, then Pitt Town to Wiseman’s Ferry. From there, we crossed Webbs Creek Ferry for lunch at Settlers Arms Inn at St Albans before heading back down to Wiseman’s Ferry. Half of the group then took the long way home and carried along the length of Wiseman’s Ferry Road to Gosford where it connected to the Old Pacific Highway.

Check out all the twisties…

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It’s been years since I’ve done this route and even then I’d only done it once. Can’t wait to do it again, especially with such friendly riders.

Here’re my GoPro and iPhone pics from the day…

We had a leisurely outdoor lunch at the Settler’s Arms Inn at St Alban. The inn itself is an old sandstone building and very quaint and characteristic. It’s a relaxing place to have a break; a good spot for a hearty meal under the sunshine, surrounded by picturesque greenery.

After parting ways at Wiseman’s Ferry, onto Old Road…


  1. Thats a nice loop. no stop at Pie in the Sky? tsk tsk. 😛

    Weather is finally coming good this week… might see you up there !


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